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Deb E. Howell

In the world of Deadly Touch

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Warrior's Touch

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NOTE: This is the sequel to Healer's Touch, and there are very much spoilers ahead. If it interests you, you *may* wish to read Healer's Touch first. However, I believe this one can be read without reading HT first, and it's a better book... (I learned)
  Once upon a time, the last Immortal lost his powers to an Aenuk Healer and her tree. Nine hundred years later, he learns that an Immortal child is going to be born, and with it, a chance to regain his lost magic...
  The Kara and Aenuk races have been enemies for centuries, but for Llew and Jonas, love won out. Now Llew faces an uncertain future: one nation wants her to breed their future army, and the other wants her dead. Her Healing talent also means she is feared – and the child she carries makes her a target.
  Jonas has returned to his people, but he is torn. The woman he loves is being kept away from him, his superiors want him to carry on his bloodline with an appropriate mate, and he's being expected to fit back into a role he no longer wants. He is meant to be a hero, but the only champion he wants to be is Llew's and their child – a child who might change everything.
  But for their enemy to regain his powers, Llew's child must die; and in order to retain them, every Aenuk must be destroyed.
  In Warrior's Touch, loyalties will be tested, lives torn apart and magics rejoined.
  CONTENT WARNINGS: I have applied warnings for--
  * Drug use: alcohol, and an addiction-like response to magic * Sexual or Suggestive Content: This story does contain a sex scene and several suggestive moments * Course language: Yes, there is swearing * Violence: Yes, there is fighting, torture, blood and some gore.
  TRIGGER WARNING: Infant death