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Shadows Saga Book 1 - His Mate

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Upon arriving in Los Angeles, California, Oliver McKinney is still reeling from the aftereffects of watching a Rogue Alpha murder his parents. Thankfully, Dr. Warrick, a young pantheras, takes him in with the offer of safety and companionship. Oliver didn't expect to find an entire werewolf community living right under his nose and his potential mate going to the same high school as him.
  Enter Deidrick Howl, an Omega from the Storm Pack and the most unpopular boy at Silver Valley Academy. He has only two focuses upon being an Omega - one: finish high school while keeping a low profile, and two? Find his mate before someone claims him against his will. Good thing his mate is just around the corner.
  As Oliver struggles to survive in a city full of werewolves (and who knows what other monsters), the Rogue Alpha seems to be catching up to him. It's only a matter of time before Oliver is found. Now, Oliver has to survive by keeping the Rogue Alpha off his trail and avoiding the sexiest unpopular boy at school, who gives Oliver the sense that things are about to take a worse turn.
  Can these two fated love birds heal one another before the Rogue Alpha finds them first? Or will they fall prey to the jaws of eternal suffering?