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Odysseus G. Osborne

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Dinas Ddraig

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The Blue King Vorgentah paves the way for the advance of the XIIIth into the shattered lands of Lancyridac. He comes to battle hideous underĀ­ ground dragons blocking his path, a clan of assassins and then journeys to Dyradin, the secret druid town of the Nral. His trail takes him to the magnificent citadel of dragons, Dinas Ddraig, where he seals a deal with the council for the rebuilding of the dragon bridge, allowing huge progress in his master plan to strengthen his world and meet the Angauthron head to head. With his Green Queen, Cymbria taking care of the complex politics of the island, Lysidril the Faerie Throne joins forces with Vorgentah, realizing his friend and master, He-Thea has delegated a sacred empowerment to him for the protection of his realm. Many things are prepared for the coming war. The first order of Blue Cloaks arrive signalling that the coming times will be one of dire struggle.
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