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These three commissions are a reflection of my offerings in my writing commission page and are available for those interested when slots are open, feel free to email me or message me on Discord if you have any questions about the process!

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April Character Backstory Commissions

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The following is a collection of backstory and character lore writing for Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying personas that were commissioned in the month of April. Serena Sparkles is an Au Ra from the Jadeite Thick who was raised among the forestborn though being of Far Eastern descent; Arya Thorne is a Viera who was born and raised in the mysterious tribe that oversaw the Larai Ruins in the Skatay Range, displaced over leagues from her home by the greed of the Garlean Empire; Arkana Grey is a Viera who is a member of the Galdar, a secret sisterhood of magic users that sustains the life of the Golmore Jungle itself, traveling to live in Dalmasca before ultimately ending up in Eorzea during the Garlean raid on the Desert Sapphire.