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SIGLAĈOL – BOOK TWO Cymbria ‘Green Robes’ and her man, Vorgentah ‘Marshal of Armies’ venture into the closed Isle of Siriol to complete their quest to defeat ancient and obsolete enchantments of a long dead goddess. Spectacular combats ensue, and with the great deeds accomplished, both take a rest to reorganize and rebuild their gathered army before setting out once more for adventure. Siglaĉol or ‘Kissing Stones’ is the conclusion of the story of Ymerodres and will leave readers stunned and hungry for more. Followed by Book 3, of the Stormpaintress Sagas, 'Lysidril'.
  EIREAFAEL – SHORT STORY Lost in the snows and huddled in an abandoned great hall, high in the mountains of the north, two adventurers meet and change each other’s lives forever in the most profound way possible.