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The Dragon Eyrie

By Noons

3872 4 0 46603

It wasn't long ago that all it took to make a villager run in fear or for a king to fall to his knees was a dragon's shadow passing overhead but those times are gone. The empire in the east made sure of that when they marched their legions across the sands...

Where Dragons Rule: Rebirth (Old Version)

By Mr.Drake

46809 15 14 98412

Aeris escaped her master, but now she has no money, status, home, or future and her days are spent combating crippling guilt of the price she paid for her freedom. The conflict between humans and dragons threatens to take her last remaining hope; her best...

Legends of Wayfinder

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

1209 0 0 0

Founded by the great wizard Merlin Wayfinder Magic Academy is the first professional school of magic to be founded in the world since Lucifer Morgane brought about the cataclysm. Because of this, every major political power from the Whitemore's to the vampires...