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Epic Action

Chaos Reckoning: Book One

By Krys P

150 0 0 0

In the perilous Realm of Meiyr, unseen dangers lurk, poised to strike at any moment. From the West, the relentless Eldran Empire is determined to eradicate the Divines, threatening to upend the delicate balance of power. Simultaneously, the enigmatic Anyx...

The Eye of Bhuta

By ejmichaels

26238 1 0 31046

Many want the Eye of Bhuta, a priceless gem that is worth an entire kingdom, but the one who possesses it wants to be rid of it. Skamsen must travel to a hostile land with a lady seemingly unaware or unconcerned of the dangers surrounding them to be rid of...

Soldier, Poet, King

By sagerage

337 0 0 0

[quote]There will come a soldier who carries a mighty sword. He will tear your city down. There will come a poet whose weapon is his word. He will slay you with his tongue. There will come a ruler whose brow is laid in thorn, smeared with oil like David's...