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Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV: Gunbreaker

By OrdoSkirata

3433 0 0 2701

A young Gunbreaker attempts to find her place in Eorzea. Adventure and magic await!

A different kind of Starlight

By Cr0atoan

9448 2 0 2335

R'fhansu Thek, tribe merchant for the Mahakala Raptor tribe hidden deep in the Raincatcher Gully of inland La Noscea, encounters a strange custom during one of her visits to the trading post. Eager to follow the example to see if if will cheer up her son,...

April Character Backstory Commissions

By Cr0atoan

14731 0 0 4049

The following is a collection of backstory and character lore writing for Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying personas that were commissioned in the month of April. Serena Sparkles is an Au Ra from the Jadeite Thick who was raised among the forestborn though being...