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Fantasy, Mystery

Trails of mystery, Story composed by: Jon Pershings

By Livingwood Scribe

2492 0 0 3315

From the self-proclaimed "next big author" comes a harrowing tale! From the woods of the Junaar region lies mysteries beyond your wildest dreams. This is the story of how one girl investigated and was met with horror beyond anything we have seen.


By Monkos

2890 2 1 7963

[i]"Every ship that runs the skies has two things. A bell and a chronicler. The bell's for when you crash and burn, so people know where to find you. The chronicler's so people know what happened."[/i] When the Cockatrice arrives in Cliff's Edge, bell ringing...

Shandor Manor

By StyxStream1000

4984 1 0 6218

After some strange paranormal activity occurring throughout Shandor Manor, owner Daniel B. Ferret hires the assistance of a pair of twin exorcists to rid the house of its spirits. Daniel comes quickly to regret his decision, suspecting the twins of nefarious...

Tales of Iferwon, The Lands of the Red Sun

By User51

20974 11 3 15898

A collection of short tales, conversations, letters, diary entries, and testimony from Iferwon, past and present.