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Murder Mystery

Untitled — Della Novel One

By JJ Bresslah

6 0 0 4998

Della Simmonds embarks on a new chapter of life by moving cross-country with her two feline companions, Chico and Zeppo. She has her reasons for picking up and moving thousands of miles on what seems like a whim, but will trying to leave her past behind her...

Hidden Falls Mystery

By rubyodegee

159 0 0 18594

Speculative Cold Case Investigation & Nuerocyber Thriller [left]A killer committed two murders in the small town of Hidden Falls. Forty four years later Haydn Madsen started reworking a true crime novel he never finished. Haydn is in debt, recently divorced,...

Blood of the Wolf

By Nicolette.Ann.Cartwright

8597 2 1 10919

Ash and Jesse are twin werewolves who stumble upon their mother's mutilated corpse following a full moon. They then must unravel the tangle of mystery, lies, and secrets surrounding their mother's death and discover which of their pack members was responsible....

String Theory (Danganronpa V3 fic)

By NeoStarReset

17542 0 0 16215

"This rule will remain active throughout the Killing Game! For whoever manages to kill Prairie Marble...gets to graduate scot-free! No need to wait for a perfect moment, kill her whenever you like! Kill her in front of her friends and lovers! Bring your kids!...