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The Last Star

By Moony1

3 0 0 2123

Chronological Order - Culling Of Conscience > Losing The Darkness > The Last Star > ? A legendary king and hero that reunited the land of Great Britian, his once beloved kingdom came to abrupt end from it’s long peace and unity when terror itself came to...

The Round Table Chronicles, Book 1: Summer of the Lost Wizard

By TJReid

2664 4 1 3932

Thade Sloan is a Sheltered college student looking for adventure. What he finds is Cassian White, a handsome drunkard with more charisma than he knows what to do with. Cassian also has magic he cannot explain, including the ability to make anyone forget he...

Le Cycle des Cieux, Tome 1 : Le Fitzarch pénitent

By Allyps

1483 0 0 57881

La guerre fait rage dans les Royaumes de Cieux. Depuis la Shekkinah, EL, le Créateur, a été détruit et sa création est menacée par des hordes de démons qui dévorent tout sur leur passage. Les élohim, enfants d'EL, les combattent sans relâche. Els protègent...

Legends of Wayfinder

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

2571 0 0 0

Founded by the great wizard Merlin Wayfinder Magic Academy is the first professional school of magic to be founded in the world since Lucifer Morgane brought about the cataclysm. Because of this, every major political power from the Whitemore's to the vampires...