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flash fiction

Equilibrium of The Heavens

By LuciousTPK

224 0 0 1178

This is an experimental short story written in the style of a script for a lore scroll or animatic. It is mostly inspired from the shorts found within [i]Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel's[/i] story mode, but can also be taken as a script for a narrator as well. The intermission...

Misc Short Stories and Poetry (Unrelated to SeaHears)

By SailingOcelot

7695 0 0 799

I felt this was a good place to share some flash fiction pieces I've worked on. Feel free to take a look. Many of these have been written through watching 's stream. Brian gives a small prompt, and there's only 10 minutes...

Flash Fiction of Pastoria

By loremother

33259 29 13 4759

In February of 2021, Morrigan Robbins took on the Flash Fiction February challenge with The Storytelling Collective. This is the collection of those stories. Visit Morrigan's Website: Find out more about The Storytelling Collective...

A World of Loneliness

By BrokenJac

28747 36 5 862

[Flash Fiction Anthology] 9 pieces of flash fiction; 9 words to describe loneliness; 1 journey. Explore the world of flash fiction through 9 pieces that make up the Flash Fiction Anthology: A World of Loneliness. -- [small][i]These pieces were written...

Tailing Times: 1865

By John Parker

4271 0 0 987

Stories in the Tailing Times: 1865 setting.