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Oh my goodness! What a week! First up, Sarah Buhrman really is a goddess and gave me the proofing edits despite going through trials of her own. She is amazing! Thank you, Sarah! Mwah!   
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Launch by Icongeek26
Launch is T-61 days as of Sunday February 28, 2021. Kyaaaaaaaa!   So not only is the ARC team invite open, we have the Messenger Kitsune street team open for invites. The two have overlap with access to reading the ARC (advance reader copy), but the street team will help with sharing about the book and getting in on some extra bonuses and giveaways. Read more about them or sign up below. I will be sending out the ARC this week to my volunteers.   Have you seen the new cover art? Odette.A.Bach outdid herself after offering to rework my old cover art she did last year.  
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It's below with the link to the first two chapters of Rise. I little teaser for you all.

Rise: The Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

  Rise sample chapters are also available on Prolific Works in the Action Adventure Giveaway. And the book is available for ebook preorder on Amazon. (Paperback is in the works.)  


I only managed one stream this week. Either a cold or allergies got the best of me yesterday. Not sure which. Thank you Moonflower for the coughdrop suggestion! I should be able to stream tomorrow.    On Wednesday, I *hope* to try something different - either a video hangout in the LC discord or Youtube. Do you all have preferences? Discord would be a little cozier and Youtube would be a brand spanking new experience.



This week was unseasonably warm. My family and the ferrets were ecstatic to get outside for walks. And we are looking forward to more of that fabulous 'banana belt' weather this coming week. Pocky loved playing in the melting snow. (Click here for a short video on his Tumblr.)

Pocky playing in the snow



Finish last-minute details for launch and prep LOTS of blog posts for my upcoming blog book tour. More details to come!
  I hope everyone had a lovely February and that March is full of the hope of spring and only positive things in store for you all.

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