2020 Jan 13 Updates


This year I'm digging into this authoring gig for real. Not just writing my first book (Rise - that I drafted last year), but editing it, putting it out for beta readers (soon), and learning the ropes of the book publishing world and learning how to better interact with people. Being the shy introvert won't cut it for me now. So new skills are in order.   I also want to continue my volunteer work for World Anvil with my Hacks and Help site, writing for the WA blog, and assisting in the #guild-css-help channel.   So I setup a 2020 Goals page. You, my dear readers, have every right to keep me on task. (Nicely - of course!)  

Of Note

We updated the World Anvil codex with instructions on how to use fonts hosted on Github. (Use the menu in the side bar to click on the fonts link to hop to the section.)

Coming Soon

I'm working on a new theme, for my View from the Den + sharing with the WA Community.
  So I'm quite busy, but happily so. I'll do my best to keep you all in the loop as I create--writing, tutorials, themes, and who knows what else. Until next time!


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14 Jan, 2020 07:58

Ganbatte! You can do it! :)

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
14 Jan, 2020 16:01

Bless you Q for your encouragement.

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