Making the commitment to use WA as my main site (04-2020)

After struggling with too many places to post and keep organized, I ditched my WordPress blog that was my host for, and transfered it to where I could point it here. So we are here to stay!   Now you should be able to see more updates from me on my authorly and other adventures!  
To follow my posts here on World Anvil we have several options:

1) Check the bottom of the View From the Den for the new articles list and the 'View From the Den News' block.   2) why not create an account (you can do this for free) and follow my author 'world' from the View From the Den page.

At the bottom of the page, you can click follow for notifications of new activity. Community features are coming. But World Anvil is still in beta, so they aren't here quite yet. (Dimi, the developer--as amazing as he is, codes as fast as he can. We haven't figured out how to duplicate him.)   3) You can also follow me on social media for updates or subscribe to my email newsletter. (See header bar for newsletter, social media, etc.)
  I'm super exited to be moved in to my new home.


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